Greens, and other terms

Throughout this website, I will have used terms that are specific to the free gadget community, and as you are now part of that community – you will want to understand what all these funny phrases mean, so here’s my attempt to explain.


Greens are what we call a fully completed referral, i.e., a person we have referred who has successfully signed up to freebiejeebies and completed an offer. You might say:

I got 2 new greens today


I only need 1 more green for my free HDTV

We call them green because when you view your status on your freebiejeebies account, these people have a green dot by their name, like this:



Pendings are almost greens, they are where an offer has been completed, but freebiejeebies has yet to receive confirmation (and payment) from the company concerned. The maximum anyone will remain as a pending is about 2 weeks. They look like this:


Status widget

Once you are signed up and going for your free gadgets, it can be annoying to continually log in to check your status, so some of the freebie sites provide real time status updates via a widget that you can embed in forum signatures, blogs, or just save as a favourite in your internet browser. Mine looks like this:

The green number represents the number of greens I have, the purple number represents the number of pendings I have, and the white number shows the number of greens required for the free gadgets I have selected.