A Step by Step Guide

This section of the free gadgets freebiejeebies site is designed to show you, step by step, the processes you need to go through in order to claim your first free item. It’s a very straightforward process as you will see, but just in caseĀ  you get stuck you can refer to this guide to help you through.

Sign up

The first step is to sign up to the freebie website, to do so simply click on any of the icons such as the ones below (there are more on the home page).

Free Wii Free PS3 Slim

Don’t worry if you initially select an item such as a free Xbox 360 and then decide you really want a free PS3, as you can change your free item at any time up until you click the button to order.

After clicking on the button, you will be taken to another website where you will need to register. Make sure you complete the registration form fully, and with all of your correct details. All parties involved have highly stringent privacy and anti-spam policies so you needn’t be concerned about using your regular email address.

Sign up

Congratulations. You have completed step 1 – that wasn’t so hard now was it!

Complete One Offer

Once you are signed up with freebiejeebies, you will be faced with the ‘Offers’ screen. Here you will find a huge selection of offers to choose from. Remember, you only need to complete one of the many choices to receive as many gifts as you like. Even after you have received your free PS3 or free Laptop you will not have to complete any further offers to receive further free gadgets.

Here are a small selection of what in my opinion are the best available offers (there are many more to choose!):

UK Offers

Best UK Offers

US Offers

Best US OffersMore US Offers

Worldwide Offers


There are so many offers that you won’t have any problem finding one that is suitable for you! You may even find that you were going to join one of the companies anyway – in which case you can get your free gadget as an added bonus.

Once you have completed your offer, you will need to wait for a few days for your status to update to show it has completed correctly. If you have any problems, there is a handy ‘Support’ section of the website and they will help you sort out any issues you may have.

You are now ready to begin the third, and final step.

Refer Friends

After you have signed up and completed one offer, you will notice that you have a unique referral code. You can find this code by clicking on the ‘refer friends’ link in the menu:

Refer Friends

Your code will look something like this – http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/109

I have highlighted the final part of this link as this is the important bit. This number is what makes the code unique to you. It is this code that you need to give to all of your friends and family, advertise on the notice board at work/school, and tattoo on your dog (ok, that may be going too far..).

Then, when one of your referrals clicks on, or enters that code in their web browser it will be their turn to complete these 3 steps. If you then browse to the ‘Status’ page using the menu bar you will see they are now listed as one of your referrals and you can track their progress.

The Ordering

You’ve done well, you’ve completed all 3 steps and it is now time to order your free gadget. As soon as you have reached the required number of referrals you will see a new button appear on your menu called ‘Verify’. After you have clicked this button, the website owners will work hard to check all of your referrals are complete and nobody has cheated by giving false details or not completing an offer correctly. This usually takes 2-3 days to complete, when you will see a fantastic message appear saying your account was successfully verified and your free gadget has been shipped!

Now all there is left to do is sit back and wait for the courier to arrive, while thinking of new ways to get even more people signed up for your next free item.