Free Xbox 360 Slim

How would you like to get yourself a free Xbox 360 Slim?

With the recent addition of Facebook and Twitter to Xbox Live, and the great action packed Xbox games such as Modern Warfare 2 – there has never been a better time to own an Xbox 360.

Claim your free Xbox 360 Slim today by clicking on the big picture below:

Claim your Free Xbox 360 Here

If you haven’t yet read my page on how the free gadgets method works, now may be the time to have a read and find out how all this is possible. Otherwise, if you aren’t too bothered about the detail – here is a summary with all the information you really need to claim your free Xbox 360.

If you follow this short guide in full, you will receive a brand new Xbox 360 Slim for free.

No catch, no cost, no worries.

How to claim

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete one (free) offer
  3. Refer Friends

Sign up

The first step is as simple as clicking on the link above (or the big picture of the Xbox) to sign up, it doesn’t hurt to have a look so even if you are sceptical (you won’t be if you read my ‘How it Works’ Page!) click on the sign up link and see for yourself.

Complete one offer

Once you have signed up, make your way to the ‘Offers’ section and decide which of the companies’ offers you would like to complete. For a small selection of what I think are the best offers to complete, see my full guide. There are many offers available to every Country in the World so don’t worry about not being able to find a suitable one. There are free offers such as trialling a DVD rental service (LoveFilm/ScreenSelect) or making a website (Intuit). If you like to gamble, there are number of such offers, but you will obviously need to wager a certain amount if you choose to complete such an offer (usually £10 or $20 minimum).

Once you have completed your offer, you are eligible to receive your free Xbox 360, and any number of other free gadgets. With this carefully selected freebie site you only ever need to complete one offer to claim as many free gadgets as you can cope with!

Refer friends

Of course, just completing a free trial isn’t quite enough for your free Xbox 360. You now need to refer some friends to do the same (and once they have completed all 3 steps, they too can claim their own free Xbox 360). Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to refer hundreds of others – just enough so that the commission paid by each offer that gets completed is enough to cover the cost of your Xbox.

A free Xbox 360 Slim will require 10 referrals

A free Xbox 360 Elite will require 10 referrals

Three Xbox 360 games of your choice, 6 referrals

A 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription, just 2 referrals

And don’t forget, because you only ever need to complete one offer for as many free gadgets as you want you can keep on referring as many people as possible to keep on claiming numerous free Xbox 360 gadgets – or any other gadget you desire.

If you refer 20 people, you can claim an Xbox 360, 3 Xbox games, and a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription, all for free – and still have 4 referrals left over to claim something else (worth £80).

So why are you still reading this? SIGN UP!

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