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If you are looking for a free Google Nexus One phone, you have come to the right place. Sign up now and collect your referrals over the next few days/weeks and as soon as you have referred 25 people the free & unlocked Nexus One will be  despatched to your front door.

To get started, simply click on the large image of the Nexus One below:

Free Nexus One - Click Here!

What Next?

Once you have signed up for your free Nexus One from Google, there are just two more steps to complete before you can smugly hit the ‘Order’ button and wait for the phone to be sent to you.

The first thing to do, is navigate your way to the ‘Offers’ page and check out which offers are available for you to complete. There are different offers depending on which Country you live in, but to give you a taster of what is available; here are a few of my favourites:

LOVEFiLM – Simply complete a 14 day Free Trial and rent at least one DVD (my personal favourite offer – watch a free movie!)
INTUIT – Complete a 30 day Free Trial – learn how to create a website, for free!
A LITTLE BID TASTY – A new ‘reverse bid’ auction. Just purchase some credits and make a few bids - you might get lucky – a PS3 recently went for 6 pence!

Just look out for one of these logos and have a go:

LOVEFiLMIntuitLittle Bid Tasty

There are many more offers than these three to choose from, but I feel these are the best value for me. Everyone has different interests so just spend some time reading through the offers and their requirements before making a decision.

Finally, you will need to refer a number of others to do the same as you have just done, although the offers they complete do not have to be the same. As long as they sign up and complete just one offer you will be ready to claim your free Nexus One as soon as it is released. If you are worried that nobody will sign up – read through my ‘Getting Referrals’ page (link in top menu), as soon as people realise they can claim a Nexus One or other free gadget you will have no problems convincing them to sign up.

The number of people you need to refer will vary, depending on which Country you live in, as the value of the phone will differ around the World.

If you want to read more about how this all works, see my ‘How it Works’ section in the top menu, otherwise¬† – sign up now!

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