Free iPod Shuffle

If you are after a free iPod Shuffle, or just want to test this free gadgets method out with a quick and easy freebie – you have come to right place.

The iPod Shuffle is by far the easiest popular gadget to get for free,  and this is what I always recommend people new to the free gadgets scene (or sceptics!) should go for first. Once you have received your free iPod, you will see how easy it is to get great gadgets without paying for them, and perhaps more importantly you will have some proof to convince your friends to get themselves signed up.

Click on the image below to claim your free iPod Shuffle right now, or keep reading for more information.

Why so easy?

The iPod Shuffle is the easiest free gadget to start you off on your freebie gathering hobby because it is relatively cheap. If you read my ‘How it Works’ page (see top menu), you will have a full understanding of the marketing method this system is based on.

What it comes down to is this:

You only need to refer 3 friends to receive a free iPod Shuffle

That’s right – by referring just three friends, who must try one of the advertiser’s free offers, you will have earned enough commission for the freebie website (in this case, freebiejeebies) to purchase and send you a brand new iPod Shuffle.

Here are a small selection of available offers:

So, if you think you have 3 friends who would be interested in trying out one of the above offers, you can receive your iPod Shuffle in no time at all. If you don’t see an offer you like, don’t worry because once you have logged in you will see that there are many many more offers to choose from.

Once you and your 3 friends have signed up and completed any one offer, you will receive your iPod through the post a few days later – it really is that simple.

When your friends see just how quick and easy it was – they will all want to get in on the action and start getting their own free gadgets.

And remember, you never have to complete another offer to continue claiming as many free gadgets as you choose. Your next freebie could be a PS3, an iPhone, or even a TV!

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