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Claim your free iPad 2 now, and be one of the very first people to own the latest gadget from Apple.

The Apple iPad 2 is set to revolutionise the (PC) Tablet in the same way as the first iPad, but this time it’s all about the 2x faster processing power, the amazing iPad 2 folding cover and the dual cameras, and just as before, you can own the iPad 2 for free – just by following my simple guide.

To claim your free iPad 2, simply click on the big picture below, or on the big SIGN UP note on the right.

free iPad 2

As with all the free gadgets I have mentioned on this site, to get your free iPad 2 you simply need to work your way through these three short and easy steps:


Sign Up >>> Complete One Free Offer >>> Refer some friends

free iSlate

Signing up is as easy as clicking on the picture of the iPad above.

Completing one free offer means you have to browse though the many offers to choose from, select the one that appeals to you the most, and follow the instructions. The offers are provided by third party advertising companies, and include Sky, LoveFilm, HSBC, Intuit, Homestead, and many more. In the majority of cases, you will be able to find a 100% free and no obligation trial to complete – for example taking a 14 day free trial of DVD rentals by post with LoveFilm. Once the 14 day trial has expired, you are entitled to continue with the service if you want to, similarly there is no obligation on you to become a paying customer – whatever you decide to do will not affect you receiving your free iPad.

Referring some friends to do the same is the final step. This means you need to refer a number of others to do what you have just done – i.e., complete steps 1 & 2 above.  Once you have done this, your free iPad will be ordered and dispatched to you immediately.

All your friends need to do next is complete the 3rd step, and they too will receive their iPads for nothing!

To see how this free gadget system works, and who really pays for your iPad, have a look at my How it Works page, from the main menu above.

The free iPad 2 option is now live and ready to be ordered from freebiejeebies! Order your free iPad 2 now. If you prefer the original iPad, it is still available for just 22 referrals for the basic model or 29 referrals for the 64GB iPad.

The international iPad 2 release date is confirmed as 26th March 2011 – pre-orders are being taken now for  dispatch as soon as it is released.

Sign up for your free iPad 2 by clicking on the big picture of the iPad 2 above.

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