Free Apple TV

Apple have recently redesigned and upgraded their Apple TV device, and we think it is so good it deserves its own page here. So keep reading to claim your very own free Apple TV.

The new Apple TV has been redesigned to be 80% smaller in size than the original, and it is now so much cheaper that it is even easier to get a free Apple TV. In fact, it is now just 5 referrals!

Simply click on this large picture to claim your Free Apple TV!

Free Apple TV - Click Here

Free Apple TV

If you want to know how you can get yourself a brand new Apple TV for free, you will find lots of information on this site. The ‘How it Works’ page is where you need to go. If you want a brief description, here it is:

You sign up to freebiejeebies > you complete one offer (yes, this can be a free trial so won’t cost you anything) > freebiejeebies receive a commission from the company you trialled > you refer five others to join and complete a free offer > freebiejeebies receive more commission > the commission is used to purchase and post the Apple TV to you, with some left over for profit > everyone’s happy.

So, the free Apple TV is only free to you. It was, of course, purchased directly from Apple with the commission received by you and your referrals trying a free trial with a selected and well known company.

This is called Affiliate Marketing and is a very popular way of advertising for companies. When you sign up, look for the offers such as Intuit or Equifax as these are free and very quick to complete.

So, to summarise :

  1. Click on the big picture above to sign up for your free Apple TV
  2. Complete an Offer (Intuit, Equifax, Homestead are all good)
  3. Refer 5 others to do the same using the unique link you will get when you sign up
  4. Sit back, relax, and wait for your free Apple TV to arrive!
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