Bejeweled Blitz Cheat 2011

Updated for November 2011 – Please download the latest version of the cheat below – Now working with FireFox 8.0

If you are struggling to top the leaderboard and you need a Bejeweled Blitz cheat for the Facebook version of the game, you have come to the right place. I’ll keep this short and simple.
This Bejeweled Blitz cheat 2011 (Coins and Boosts) is for the most recent version of the game as of today, November 2011.
This cheat takes less than a minute to setup and works perfectly.

With this version of the cheat, you get the choice to set any score you want, add unlimited coins to purchase boosts, and the old gem changing feature is back, allowing you to change any gem to any kind of boost you want!

Here’s how you control the cheat:

To set a score, simply type in the score you would like and hit ‘send’

To get coins, due the server only believing you can get up to 1600 coins in any one game, you can only select up to 1600 coins, but you can set the cheat to send this number numerous times. I recommend sending 1500 coins 750 times. It only takes 5 minutes or so and you’ll have 1500*750 coins= 1 Million bejeweled blitz coins!

Using the coins trick, you can then play the game normally, but not worry about running out of boosts. For even more fun though, you can also use the following keyboard commands during a game, just select the ‘play with cheats’ option:

  • 17 — Set the color of the gem under the mouse
  • F — Make the gem under the mouse a Flame gem
  • S — Make the gem under the mouse a Star gem
  • H — Make the gem under the mouse a Hypercube
  • P — Make the gem under the mouse a Phoenix Prism gem
  • M — Make the gem under the mouse a Multiplier gem
  • N — Make the gem under the mouse a normal gem
  • C — Add a coin to the gem under the mouse
  • Backspace — Remove the gem under the mouse
  • Delete — “Shatter” the gem under the mouse
  • B — Activate Blazing Speed
  • G — Get Rare Gem Harvest offer after the current game
  • … and a few less interesting ones, mainly intended for debugging the game: F1F9Shift+F9Left/Right arrow keys, IDShift+FShift+NShift+R andShift+S.

The Bejeweled Blitz Cheat

  1. Write down this website address, you will need to come back here in a minute:
  2. Check which browser you are using. If you are using Firefox to browse to web, make sure it is the latest version, then jump to step 4, if you are using any other browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) go to step 3.
  3. Click here to download and install Firefox - the cheat requires it to work. Once you have installed Firefox, open it and browse back to this page (that’s why you wrote it down!).
  4. Ok, so you should be reading this page in Firefox. You are nearly there! Next, you need to download and install this Firefox Add-on from Leethax. When you install the Add-On, Firefox will restart. It should reopen with this page – if not, you will need to come back here to find out what to do with the cheat. If you get any warnings from Firefox about installing the add on, just allow it to install – it is perfectly safe.
  5. Make sure the Add-On is enabled (Go to Tools>Add Ons>Extensions to check)
  6. Go to Facebook, log in and start a new game of Bejeweled Blitz. What you will see may surprise you! At this point you are able to type in the score you want, and choose how many coins you get.
  7. To play the game properly, just select the option to play without the cheat.
  8. Your chosen score will be saved, and you will have as many coins as you typed in ready to be used for Boosts.

Your score WILL be saved and by using this bejeweled blitz cheat you will easily beat all of your friends. Keep your scores below 500,000 and no-one will think you are cheating.

Go close to a million points and it gets a bit obvious…

What I tend to use it for is just to increase the number of coins I have, so when I activate the cheat I only fill in how many coins I want (go for 1,000,000 or so, it makes no difference), and ignore the box to enter a score.  This way, when I start a new game of Bejeweled Blitz, I have loads of coins to use to buy boosts and I can actually play the game myself to get a high score.

If all you want is a high score without having to play the game, you can also just enter a high score that will beat all of your friends.

Let me know how you get on.  I am not responsible for your use of the scripts and cheats described here.

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